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We produce rotated plastic parts

Rotational moulding, sinter moulding or plastic rotation. With all the hallmarks of German quality.

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ROTASIN - the expert for rotated plastic products

Everything we think about and do revolves around plastic – and for more than 20 years our key focus has also been the demands and wishes of our customers. We act as your very own producer of premium-quality, advanced plastic parts made through rotational moulding. From smart rotated plastic housings for use in cars and domestic gardens, to simple (or sometimes highly complex) tanks and water systems, plus housings for a whole host of applications and containers. Our underlying motivation is to meet Made in Germany standards and thus allow you to rest assured that all safety requirements have been met in production, that all materials are absolutely flawless and that all QA procedures are certified and implemented as required.

We see ourselves as a partner to your enterprise at all stages of the value chain. So we provide you with support when planning and designing original parts, match product requirements to the ideal production process, ensure all required quality standards are adhered to throughout, and deliver solutions that are matched to your individual needs when shipping your products to their destination.

Manufacture of rotated plastic products

On-Demand – Just-in-time

We produce your parts on four carousel rotational moulding machines from RotoSpeed and Polivinil. While the maximum tool size depends on the measurements and dimensions of the rotational mould, quantities and production times depend on your requirements. Our largest rotational moulding machine offers an oven diagonal of four metres.

Rotational moulding machine measurement diagram:

Skizze zu den Abmessungen eines Werkstücks im Rotationsguss
Rotationswerkzeug von Rotasin Vorderansicht

The tool for plastic rotation

New or used rotational moulding tools

We help you design and produce tools for rotational moulding by working in close collaboration with highly qualified and experienced toolmakers. If you’d like us to analyse and produce a tool for you, please send us a 3D drawing of the tool you need – ideally in STEP, IGS or PDF format.

We can of course also work with tools that have already been used in a different production cycle. Click here for more information on the tools used in rotational moulding:

Plastics for rotational sintering

Choosing the right plastic for rotated products

Let your imagination run wild! Most products can be rotated in any imaginable colours. It’s even now possible to incorporate wood granules and metal pigments. Rotational moulding can involve polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), recyclate or effect mixtures. At ROTASIN, we source all our plastics from European providers.

Quality assurance for your plastic products

Testing procedures for rotated products

  • Quality checks
  • Cycle tests
  • Leak tests
  • Load tests
  • UV load tests
  • PAH tests
  • TÜV and GS tests

ROTASIN - a reliable partner to your business

Rotationally sintered components are used in a wide range of applications. Our customers can rely on us 100% and rest assured that we meet a whole host of requirements presented by their applications. We stay in close contact with customers from the initial idea to the finished product, taking each specific feature and requirement of the application into account. This allows us to find a perfect solution not only for each customer, but also for each requirement.