ROTASIN Kunststofftechnik GmbH - Spezialist für Rotationsguss

ROTASIN – A family business

We produce plastic parts using rotational moulding processes

ROTASIN is a family-run business currently in its second generation.

Based in Märkisch Linden near Berlin, we have specialised in producing high-quality and demanding plastic parts through rotational moulding ever since the company was founded. We’re proud of our history and grateful for the many long-lasting relationships we enjoy with our customers and suppliers. They value our flexibility, reliability and many years of experience. In us, they have a dedicated partner that handles everything personally.

A strong partner for strong products

When it comes to rotational moulding, every detail matters. This means that everyone involved in production needs to work together well and understand each other. It’s through close partnership that we pinpoint the best and most cost-effective solution for every product. We continuously adapt and improve our procedures throughout production, in order to get the most from this important process.

Sustainability and environmental protection

We only have one environment so in plastics technology in particular, we have a duty to take sustainability and environmental protection into account at every stage of processing – for every product and every machine during every step of manufacturing. This issue is very close to our hearts and influences every decision we make regarding aspects such as machine investment. In production, we safeguard sustainability by using cutting-edge rotational moulding technology and recycling processes to protect resources. We strive to get the most out of our environmentally friendly production processes, whilst also making our customers’ products more sustainable. We don’t just think about making changes, we make those changes every day. You can achieve so much when you keep a close eye on the detail.

Rotasin Kunststofftechnik Luftaufnahme

ROTASIN management

Geschäftsführer der ROTASIN Gmbh

The founder – Roland Heinzelmann

After working for 14 years as the commercial manager at Mauk & Esslinger, I assumed control of the rotational moulding business in 2008. This laid the foundations for the success story that is now ROTASIN. Ever since, I have managed the company on every step of its successful journey, with a particular focus on finance. Our recipe for success is simple: understand and be honest and open with customers and suppliers, continuously improve production processes, and provide the flexibility that only a family business can offer.

The businessman – Christian Heinzelmann

I am responsible at ROTASIN for HR, marketing and quality management. As a qualified business graduate with an MBA, I have over ten years of experience in big business. My aim is to get the best out of our business for all customers, provide products of excellent quality and boost awareness and the popularity of our company.

The expert – Stefan Heinzelmann

I am the technical expert at ROTASIN and the point of contact for any questions relating to our technology, product developments and individual requirements. As a technical specialist with a degree in engineering, I understand both the practical and theoretical side of processes. This allows me to advise customers even during the development stage so that we pinpoint the right technology to deliver excellent product and production quality.

The history of ROTASIN

Roland Heinzelmann assumed control of the rotation technology business of Mauk & Esslinger in 2008 following a company succession process. Thanks to many successful and long-lasting customer relationships ever since, as well as outstanding feedback from new customers, what began as cautious experimentation quickly turned into a new-found confidence.

Three years after Roland Heinzelmann assumed control, the growth strategy bore fruit as hoped. In fact, things were doing so well, the business premises desperately needed to expand. This led to the company moving from Neuruppin to Märkisch Linden near Berlin. As the company continued to expand rapidly, the site in Märkisch Linden was also expanded with a large storage facility added four years later.

ROTASIN currently employs around 40 people. The company is managed by Roland and Christian Heinzelmann together. And in case you’re wondering: yes, our company name is derived from rotational sintering.

The ROTASIN quality assurance promise in rotational moulding

We use an end-to-end QA process in line with ISO standard 9001:2008. Our promise is to give you peace of mind based on a range of continuous improvement measures – from developing your own ideas and creating prototypes to full serial production.

We ensure that all materials are pure and free from foreign bodies, always handling rotation moulds with the utmost care. This is because consistently high quality is only possible if all materials and your moulds are handled properly. We provide the ideal combination between precisely manufactured rotational moulding tools, premium, high-purity plastic powders and experienced, professional machine handling. Our aim: to deliver perfect production results – every time.

We’re driven by a desire to meet the expectations of all our customers – and exceed them. Nothing motivates us more than turning your ideas into reality. For us, customers are not just clients, they’re visionaries whose ideas spur us on to create outstanding products. So we’re only happy with the end product if our customers are also happy. In the rare event that something isn’t quite right, we work hard to find different ways to improve the product and develop a better solution together.