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Our rotational moulding process for your plastic components

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    Your plastic products are in safe and experienced hands

    As specialists in plastic processing, we produce premium quality plastic products from a variety of thermoplastic materials (polyethylene or polypropylene), drawing on our rotational moulding processes to find a solution that matches your requirements. We also offer support from the very moment somebody at your business comes up with an idea. So beginning with the planning phase, we work with you to pinpoint the best way to turn a vision of a product into a reality.

    The production sequence for plastic parts in rotational moulding

    • Plastic powder is filled
    • Tool is inserted into the oven
    • Tool rotates in the oven
    • First cooling phase
    • Second cooling phase
    • Workpiece is removed

    Production in rotational moulding

    With rotational moulding processes, the rotating mould is filled with plastic powder and rotated in the melting oven chamber at around 300°C. The plastic melts and adheres to the walls of the mould. Once the component has stabilised in a two-stage cooling process, it is almost complete at a temperature of around 85°C. At this stage, it can be carefully removed from the mould for final cooling.

    Post-processing in rotational moulding

    Oberflächenbehandlung im Rotationsguss

    Once the product has been removed from the mould and has cooled down, it undergoes further processing. This involves carefully removing burrs, creating openings and treating the surface according to your specification. For example, this could involve flame polishing. This final step of the process shows that it always makes sense to prepare carefully beforehand, although further work may be needed depending on customer requirements. This can include preliminary or full assembly of the final product, or customised markings.

    Rotational moulding capacities

    We use a total of four rotational moulding machines, all of which work simultaneously.

    These machines allow us to produce components in all shapes and sizes, from an office hole punch to large hollow structures like rainwater cisterns. We have three shifts a day and can work on weekends if required.

    Which products are suitable for rotational moulding?

    High-quality plastic components are a worthwhile investment, even in small batches. The parts produced in this process are robust and tension-free. It’s also possible to incorporate special technical features in designs.

    • Food-safe plastic components for the food processing industry (uncoloured, PAH-tested)
    • Heavy-duty plastic components for water systems, such as thick-walled underground tanks and accessories
    • Industrial plastic tanks for oil, fuel, urea additive, cooling and cleaning water, condensate, fresh and waste water
    • Plastic body components for commercial, agricultural and construction vehicles
    • Plastic playground equipment and children’s furniture (non-toxic, abrasion-resistant, PAH-tested, UV-resistant)
    • Designer items such as chairs, lamps and sculptures
    • Plastic items for gardens and household use, such as plant pots, plastic tables, balcony boxes and multi-purpose containers

    The ROTASIN quality assurance promise in rotational moulding

    We use an end-to-end QA process in line with ISO standard 9001:2008. Our promise is to give you peace of mind based on a range of continuous improvement measures – from developing your own ideas and creating prototypes to full serial production.

    We ensure that all materials are pure and free from foreign bodies, always handling rotation moulds with the utmost care. This is because consistently high quality is only possible if all materials and your moulds are handled properly. We provide the ideal combination between precisely manufactured rotational moulding tools, premium, high-purity plastic powders and experienced, professional machine handling. Our aim: to deliver perfect production results – every time.

    We’re driven by a desire to meet the expectations of all our customers – and exceed them. Nothing motivates us more than turning your ideas into reality. For us, customers are not just clients, they’re visionaries whose ideas spur us on to create outstanding products. So we’re only happy with the end product if our customers are also happy. In the rare event that something isn’t quite right, we work hard to find different ways to improve the product and develop a better solution together.